Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Treatment for Acne

January 23rd, 2012

Dermatology Specialists: Holistic Acne Treatment

Meridian Health Clinic specializes in changing the course of persistent skin problems, including acne. If you’re tired of using drugstore potions to clear your skin, Chinese medicine acne treatment may be for you. While western medicine seeks to suppress your symptoms in order to alleviate the problem, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seeks to find the underlying causes and treat those.In the case of acne, TCM teaches that acne is caused by influence of Heat and Damp Heat on the Zang Fu organs, Fundamental Substances, and the meridians. This heat comes from many sources, including poor diet, stress, “workaholism,” the natural ascendance of Yang energy, and family history. Extreme emotions are another cause.

While surface-level “spa treatments” can give a temporary improvement in the appearance of your skin, our treatment methods will produce lasting results because they target the “root cause” of the condition.  The power of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it creates change from within the body; when the body is working well internally, the skin will be radiant and beautiful externally.
Well-trained, highly-skilled practitioners are the key to success at Meridian Health Clinic.
Eric Schmidt, L.Ac. has worked for years in the field and has completed extensive training in the Dermatology Department of a Chinese Medicine University in China.  He has treated numerous dermatology cases with great success where conventional Western medicine failed to provide a cure or solution.

Our Treatment Plan:

Individualized treatments plan focus on balancing your body system from inside and controlling the symptoms from outside to improve you skin naturally, without unwanted side-effects.
1. Healing from inside: Chinese Herbal Medicine is prescribed to clear the toxins inside your body and get rid of the symptoms manifesting on the skin.  Medicine is generally given in pill or powder form so that it is convenient to take yet very effective. Herbal Medicine addresses the root of the problem.
2. Healing from inside – Part 2: Acupuncture is given 1-2 times each week to further balance the body and return your skin to its natural beauty faster.  This treatment also addresses the root of the problem.
3. Control from outside: The consultation will include a discussion about products which can be used externally to help the healing process.  This treatment addresses the symptom of the problem.
4. Diet restriction: To avoid further aggravating your skin condition, you may need to eliminate certain foods which could  generate toxins inside your body.  Some of these foods include alcohol, coffee, spicy food, fried foods, dairy products, nuts, and  seafood (shellfish).
5. Stress management: Lastly, we will work with you to develop a lifestyle plan to reduce your stress level and balance you life.  Generally the plan includes moderate exercise, breathing practices and advice on how to get better sleep and rest.
In most cases, you will see results in 2 weeks. For moderate to severe cases, the treatment may take longer to have significant improvement.
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If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine and how it works with skin disorders, please read on:

In Chinese Medicine, there are many causes of skin complaints. These include:
• toxins, causing inflammation
• alcohol & spicy food
• over-exercise
• over-thinking/ worry
• emotional problems
• frustration and stress (for example with work or relationships)

Chinese Medicine has long recognized categories of skin disorder, corresponding to Western terms such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Chinese Herbs are usually the treatment of choice for skin problems, and there are specific herbs that benefit each kind of category of skin disorder.

Within each category, Chinese Medicine recognizes different sub-types. For example, eczema can classified as due to:
• Damp
• Dryness
• Heat

Depending on the classification of the skin disorder, different herbs will be used. For example, if the eczema is caused by “heat”, cooling herbs will be used.  We can perhaps best understand the Chinese term “heat” as “inflammation”. If the skin disease is of the “hot” type the skin will look red, will tend to bleed easily and will usually be very itchy.
The “damp” type of eczema is where there is weepy discharge, or raised papules on the skin surface. This kind of eczema is often associated with digestive problems. If the eczema is “damp”, we will use herbs that are “drying” in nature. This illustrates the importance of correct diagnosis: if the eczema is a “dry” type, and drying herbs are used by mistake, the eczema can actually become worse!

How Chinese Medicine can help skin problems
• Cold herbs counteract “heat”: in other words, they are naturally anti-inflammatory.
• Acupuncture releases heat, like the valve on a pressure cooker.
• Acupuncture is very relaxing, and can clear the “heat” that is caused by stress.
• Many herbs are diuretics, and drain damp from the body.
• Certain herbs help to breaks down the toxins that can cause skin problems.

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