Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is an acupuncture technique where a filament needle is inserted into a localized area of muscle tension. The treatment is based on the anatomy of muscle groups, which can can shorten and produce painful syndromes. If left untreated, trigger points of shortened muscles can become locked into an inflammatory state which is then experienced as localized or radiating pain. These muscle fibers typically contains a sensitive area in the belly of the muscle called a Trigger Point.

When Dry Needling is performed a hair-thin needle used. Most patients will not feel the needle penetrate the skin, but there may be a small bit of discomfort when the trigger point is activated. If the muscle is currently in spasm and has an active trigger point, the patient may feel a sensation like a muscle cramp of twitch – this is called the “twitch response”.

Typically, beneficial lasting results are seen within 2-4 treatments but the number of sessions needed varies depending on the cause and history of the symptoms and the overall health conditions. Dry needling is a quick and effective effective treatment for acute and for more chronic pain conditions. It can also be used following an injury or post-surgery. This technique has few side effects and is the preferred method to find and eliminate neuromuscular problems.

Meridian Health Clinic in Santa Monica, uses Trigger Point Dry Needling to give patient fast results. Many times the results from Dry Needling are more dramatic than from traditional acupuncture treatment.

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